The Journey to Being a Virtual Assistant

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A Virtual Assistant is a quiet hero working behind the scenes to help you focus on building your business.

Everyone’s career path looks a little different. For some, it’s a nice, steady gait along a straight pre-determined line. For others, the path has many twists and turns, with times of crawling along and times of sprinting (whether that be towards something awesome or away from a bad experience). My career path has included some great adventures, experiences, and some failures — which tend to be life’s greatest teaching tools. My 20+ year journey has led me to the greatest adventure of them all: being a Virtual Assistant.

being a virtual assistant

From years in administrative roles, fundraising, and sales, I began an online retail shop as a “solopreneur” in 2015. Snips & Snails Baby carried parenting products ranging from baby carriers to apparel. It was a venture I threw myself into, many times learning as I went.

I began with a vision, knowing what I would LIKE it to look like, but not always knowing HOW to make it happen. I set up wholesale agreements, ordered products, imported products, designed my first website (EVER), set up e-commerce, opened social media accounts for business, designed promotional materials, did my bookkeeping (NOT my favourite task), answered customer inquiries day and night, and filled/packed orders. As many entrepreneurs do, I slept, ate, and breathed “the business.”

Snips & Snails was a success. Sales were great, the website had loads of traffic, and customers were happy. I built many wonderful relationships and was able to stay at home with my children during this time. As many solopreneurs have experienced, my brain became too full. I chose to start dismantling the business after several years so I could follow yet another path; with great computer and interpersonal skills, I decided to become a Virtual Assistant. I (hilariously) felt it would be a job that I could perform that would allow my brain to feel less occupied.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

After working as a Virtual Assistant for an agency, the itch started once again. While I was enjoying the relationships with clients and the tasks I was performing, I knew I could offer unique skills and insight for people just like me.

While my technical skills are sharp, my understanding of the challenges of running your own business allows me to go beyond my technical skills. Yes, I can update your website for you. Sure, I can set up your email automations, write a blog for you, and manage your social media. More importantly, I can support you I will help you prioritize, organize, and be more efficient. I love being able to Truly relate to my clients, giving them advice and solutions to manage the often-overwhelming details of being an entrepreneur.

Founding VIRTruly Yours Administrative & Marketing Support has been a very organic progression. We aren’t a business focused on making sales or even just providing a service. We are here to support you; our success IS your success. Being able to offer my years of experience, technical skills, and unique insight to help other small businesses thrive is so rewarding. Being a Virtual Assistant is a fantastic job; but I consider us so much more than that, here at VIRTruly Yours. We are your secret weapon to support you in the quest to make your business amazing


If you would like to chat with us  to see how we can support you in feeling less overwhelmed, more organized and to reach your business goals, we would love to hear from you!

Karen Blackwell

Karen Blackwell

Karen has more than 20 years experience in marketing and administration. A self-professed "word nerd," she is an entrepreneur at heart and loves helping business owners achieve their full potential.

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