Learn How a Social Media Assistant Will Elevate Your Game

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A Virtual Assistant is a quiet hero working behind the scenes to help you focus on building your business.

The term Virtual Assistant encompasses a wide variety of tasks and job structures. For some, it’s purely administrative and for others, it’s taking on the role of a marketing and social media assistant. Here at VIRTruly Yours, we provide a range of services to suit your needs and help busy executives and entrepreneurs focus on the tasks they love — and that require their expertise. One of the most sought-after services, however, is providing social media assistance.

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Your social media assistant is well-versed in the different social media platforms and will know which are suitable channels for your business. They will be able to start you from scratch or pick up where you have gotten stuck and elevate your game. Some of the tasks they can perform for you include:

  •          Creating your social media accounts
  •           Linking your social media to your website
  •          Creating content
  •          Designing posts
  •          Scheduling posts
  •          Hashtag research
  •          Analytics and engagement reporting
social media assistant

This list is just a small piece of the social media pie. You can hire a social media assistant to take care of these tasks on a regular basis, but you can also dive deeper into making use of our expertise here at VIRTruly Yours. 

A business owner has particular expertise. Whether that is in nutrition, selling a product, or coaching others, their knowledge and experience is required for certain tasks. You can’t be a motivational speaker and ask someone to attend your conferences for you! But there are so many other to-dos that can take you away from what you truly love to do and are best at. While delegating those tasks requires paying for that service, the investment allows you to focus on revenue-generation rather than putting out fires.

Having a social media assistant will help you keep up-to-date on posting, engagement, and trends. Many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs find themselves too busy or their minds are too crowded to maintain consistency on the social platforms. However, losing momentum can mean you have to start back at square one. 






We have several packages available to help you manage your social media. You can contact us or book a consultation with us anytime to see how we can free your time — and your mind!

Karen Blackwell

Karen Blackwell

Karen has more than 20 years experience in marketing and administration. A self-professed "word nerd," she is an entrepreneur at heart and loves helping business owners achieve their full potential.

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